Hey, This is Max, I’m the owner of an “Online Prospects” digital agency, and I’m super passionate about all things related to digital marketing and web development.

How can we help you?

Our primary service is helping small and medium-sized business owners get more clients.

Instead of bragging about how good we are, I want to give you some valuable tips straight away.

Below you will find three questions to consider if you are planning to or already advertising online.

🔻 #1 – Where should you advertise and why?

Don’t blindly follow the trends. It’s a mistake.

Selecting the right advertising media for your business depends only on two factors: the cost and time to acquire new sales.

In simple terms, how long it will take and how much it will cost to generate a new client.

Obviously, you should prioritise the fastest and the cheapest way to obtain your customers.

For example, companies that provide “standard services” (known to the public, e.g. painters, lawyers, plumbers, accountants) get fast results using Google ADS because they can reach clients searching for the specific services precisely at this moment in time.

You may say, “Google ADS is too expensive”. My simple answer is “NO” you just had a bad experience.

Please give me a call to discuss your Google ADS options in detail. We can save you a lot even on your existing campaigns, and if I cannot help, you don’t have to pay a cent. It’s fair.

However, if your service or product is unique (for example, new software), you will most likely benefit more from social media advertising (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc.).

Social media and “display ads” are beneficial when you have to educate your prospects about your new product or if you want to remind them about yourself.

Call me for a free consultation. I can give you much better advice if I know exactly what are you trying to promote.

🔻 #2 – How much obtaining a new customer is going to cost you?

One of the benefits of working with us is getting an accurate estimate for new clients acquisition from the get-go.

We do have an insight regarding a wide variety of industries and current costs.

For example, our client from the bathroom renovation industry gets his leads for an average of $15 per lead. Another customer from the flooring business acquires new prospects for just under $9.

Give us a call and tell us which service you are trying to sell and your target customers location.

That’s all we need to provide you with an accurate customer acquisition cost for your business.

🔻 #3 – How many prospects are searching for your services daily, monthly, yearly?

Knowing your market makes a huge difference.

For example, there are approximately 1800 searches done on Google for “bathroom renovations Brisbane” every single month.

Call us today, and get unique insights about how many potential customers you can reach daily, monthly or yearly.

Check what your competitors are doing and most importantly, which strategy will BRING YOU MORE CLIENTS FAST.

👉 Contact me today for a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION chat.


Max Shubin

Director Of Brain Storming Operations

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