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Hey, This is Max Shubin, and I want to “properly” welcome you to our world.

I’m the owner of “Online Prospects” digital agency, and I’m super passionate about all things related to digital marketing and web development.

How can we help you?

Look it may seem like I’m just one of the thousands so-called “online gurus” making unrealistic promises to get your money.

You have every right to be extremely careful when searching for an online digital agency. Your business success will depend on it. Instead of bragging about how good we are, I want to give you useful information straight away.

So what should you ask from an agency or digital marketer you are considering to hire? Below you will find three questions you should be asking before making any commitment.

🔻 1. Which advertising platform would they recommend for your business and why? 

For some businesses, it might be Google to focus on as a priority advertising platform. For the others, it can be Facebook, YouTube, Instagram Or LinkedIn. It depends on cost per lead you will have to pay and time to acquire new sales. In general, businesses that provide standard services and products get better results using Google Search advertising, because they can reach potential clients searching for their services precisely at this moment in time. However, if your service or product is unique, you will most likely benefit more from social media ads. Social media “display ads” are useful when you have to educate the public about your new product or service.

🔻 2. Can they provide an estimate of how much every new customer lead is going to cost you? 

A professional digital agency can provide you with an accurate estimate from the get-go. So you know how much every new customer acquisition will cost you. You have to make sure it will be profitable. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time and money.

🔻 3. Can they tell you how many people are searching for your specific services every month?

Knowing your market makes a huge difference. So you can adjust and focus on what your customers want.

I hope these questions will help you to filter some “bad” firms. Call us today, and we will happily share our unique insights about when and how your potential clients are searching online, what your competitors are doing and most importantly, which strategy will bring more clients to you.

We only work with the businesses we know we can help.
Contact us today. Your business deserves excellent online marketing.


Max “Your New Marketing Secret” Shubin

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