Hi there! Perfect timing 😀.


Hey, This is Max, and I want to “properly” welcome you to my world.

I’m the owner of Online Prospects digital agency and I’m super passionate about all things related to digital marketing and web development.

My goal is always to give away better stuff for FREE than what other people charge for.

About 15 Years ago, I started my first business (selling prescription glasses online) while I was still working as a Quality Assurance Officer at one of the factories in Brisbane. I know it sounds weird, why prescription glasses, right?  But I had my reasons back then, which I can share with you a bit later if you like.

This little side business started to generate me more income than I was earning as a full-time employee working at the factory.

As you can probably guess, I quit my factory day job and started to focus on the enormous possibilities using the internet, to generate my income stream online.

Since then a lot has happened… And I’ve learned so much and tested so many niches from selling products online to selling services and high ticket items. I’ve tested different advertising platforms and techniques. Created over 630 Google Ads accounts, Facebook marketing and remarketing campaigns, Instagram and LinkedIn advertising campaigns, ClickFunnels, Email marketing and so on. The important thing I believe to say is that I have done it all with my own hands so my expertise comes from the true day to day experience working with businesses just like yours.

I believe in sharing my trade secrets and “know-how” with you freely as it helps me get great business connections, plus I feel awesome when I can help people achieve their goals and avoid painful mistakes I did when I was just getting started with my online business.

As I mentioned above my goal is always to give away better stuff for FREE than what other people charge for.

So stay tuned to our YouTube Chanel & Instagram account.

Of course, please also feel free to call me or send an email with any questions you might have about promoting your business.

Yes, you heard me right…

I want our relationship to start out great …

SO, I’m going to WOW you with SO much value that you’ll feel obligated to buy stuff from me in the future (just kidding… kinda)

Sounds good?

Cool, then I look forward to get in touch with you.


Max “Your New Marketing Secret” Shubin

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