Every business relies on its customers and the only way to get more customers is to invest in advertising. Whether you’re buying ads in your local newspaper, advertising online, radio or TV you will spend a certain amount of money for new clients acquisition. Let’s call it “Cost Per New Client” or “Cost Per Acquisition”.

Many business owners complain that advertising costs are getting so high that they can not afford it. But wait, let’s see what’s really happening after the potential prospect calls you.

Our research shows that in most cases business owners simply neglect their potential prospects and the reason for that is simple. They don’t have a proper system in place to track new contacts and follow them up until closing the deal.

The following scenario is very common amongst small to medium size Australian Businesses.

Potential prospect calls a business during working hours. For some reason the line is busy and he  leaves a message with his request details. Business owner gets his messages and calls back, but this time the prospect can’t talk and the business owner leaves a message with his details. Now the business owner believes that his job is done here and carries on.

The problem here is simple. It’s just not enough to make one call and rely on your prospects to remember who you are and what you do. Remember, your potential clients are spoiled for choice and unless you are proactive in your approach they will simply forget all about you. It takes only a few seconds for them to find a number of your competitors online so they don’t have to remember you at all.

And the problem becomes worse, when you think about how much money you’ve already spent to receive this first call from a new prospect. In some industries it can reach hundreds of dollars.

The good news is that you can turn this situation around, putting in place a properly setup system.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management Software

This kind of software allows you to do the most important thing. Keep organised records of all your new prospects and existing clients and work with them.

Why keeping your customers records is so important?

Keeping customers records, allows your business to be more independent from constant advertising. You can simply contact your existing customers to get more work. Share some current special deals and so on.

List below shows the 3 major benefits of using CRM software for your business:

1. Automatic follow-ups.

CRM system will remind you to contact your newly entered prospects a number of times until you actually arrange a quote with them. It will remind you to contact your customers after you’ve sent them your quotes to make sure they have everything to make the decision about booking a job with you.

It will also remind you to contact your clients after a preset time, from the day your job was completed, so you can book some recurring work. Automatic follow-ups work like magic and significantly increase the number of jobs you book.

2. Easy information access for your entire team.

CRM will give you and your team members access to the required information about current enquiries, quotes and jobs that were assigned to them. You can still set certain permissions regarding what they can or can not access, but the major benefit is that everyone can see what they have to do, where  and when. It will save you an enormous amount of time.

3. Statistics

Checking your stats will be much easier. CRM keeps all your records so it will be easy to see your stats. For example, you will be able to see exactly how many new leads came from Google, Yellow Pages, Word Of Mouth Or Repeat Clients.

Please check example  below:

Source New Leads Cost
Google 25 $500
Yellow Pages 20 $800
Word Of Mouth
7 $0

Knowing this information is vital when it comes to deciding where you should spend your marketing dollars.


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