How to make sure your website is fast?

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Your website speed is an extremely important factor in achieving your business goals. Many people don’t realise how important the website speed actually is. Here, we will discuss two major factors:

Recent research shows that if your website loads for longer than 3 seconds, up to 30% of your new website visitors will not wait and leave before it’s fully loaded and if your website loads for longer than 7 seconds, you can lose up to 80% of your new website visitors. Your aim should be for all your web pages to load within ONE second, to satisfy most of your website visitors.

Google is all about user experience and of course they reward fast websites with higher search engine rankings. In basic terms, if your website is fast, your positions on Google will be higher. And this is definitely worth aiming for.

How to check your current website speed and get it fixed if needed?

Google provides a free tool for developers called PageSpeed Insights.

Steps to take:

  1. Visit PageSpeed Insights submit your website address
  2. Check your score scale for both Desktop and Mobile
  3. Ideally you should be between 90-100

Google shows you exactly where you can improve if your website speed is not within this range and professional web developers can implement the suggested improvements.

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