Hi Guys,

Just a quick post to today explaining the difference between SEARCH KEYWORDS and SEARCH TERMS in Google ADS.

SEARCH KEYWORDS – are words and phrases that you as an advertiser can select to include in your Google ADS account.

SEARCH TERMS – are what your potential clients ACTUALLY typed into Google Search Bar before they clicked on your Ad and came to your website.

Search Keywords & Search Terms can be quite different from one another or can be exactly the same. It depends on how you’ve set up your account.

NOW, WHAT’S MORE, IMPORTANT FOR YOU IS SEARCH TERMS because they were used by your website visitors. Many advertisers don’t realise the issue here.

I will give you a quick example: Let’s say you are Family lawyer and you want to be found on Google when people are searching for “family lawyer” in your area.

So you decided to include Search Keyword “family lawyer” into your Google ads account.

BUT what will happen if someone will search for “how to become a family lawyer”?

What do you think?

Well, Google is still eligible to show your ads because the phrase “family lawyer” is present there.

If you’re running Google ADS check the Search Terms you are paying for. I’m sure you will find lots of surprises there and many phrases that you don’t really want to pay for as they are simply not relevant.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me. I will also be posting some videos soon on how to check it so stay tuned…




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