Why is it worth to secure your website with SSL certificate?

It will keep your website data exchange safe.

It will improve your rankings on Google.

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    What is SSL in simple terms and why should you use it?

    SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In simple terms, it secures the information your server exchanges with your website visitors. Imagine somebody comes to your website and submits an online contact form via your “contact us” page. If you don’t have an SSL certificate installed on your website, this information is exposed and can be stolen by hackers. But if you do have SSL, this information is secure because, during the form submission process, it will get encrypted. For you, everything will work the same, but third parties will not be able to easily access this information.
    Google provides better rankings for secure websites. No Joke.

    Security of the people who browse online is one of the top priorities for Google, that’s why they reward secure websites with better search engine rankings compared to unsecured (without SSL connection) websites. So if your website does not have SSL installed your ranking will be lower than your competition.

    How to check if your own website or the websites you visit have SSL?

    When you open any website check your browser address bar area. If you see the green or grey lock icon, it means this website is secured with SSL. If you don’t see any icons, or the icon you see is red, it means you are currently on the website without SSL. In most cases, your browser will also notify you about the state of the website you are visiting.

    How to get it installed?

    There are many different SSL providers and types of SSL certificates.

    If you need any help with SSL installation simply call us. We will advise you on the best option for your own website.
    P.S. Oh, I almost forgot we even have a free version of the SSL you can use. It’s not for everyone, but call us to find out if your website will fit. You will have to pay only for installation and then it’s FREE, Woohoo.




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