If you are still not running remarketing campaign, you are losing clients, period.

Google, Facebook & Instagram Remarketing Explained

If you want your website visitors to come back to your website, you can use a so called: “Digital Remarketing Campaign”.

HOW IT WORKS (in simple terms):

Every time a new website visitor comes to your website, their device internet browser will be automatically tagged and remembered. This gives you an opportunity to follow them up online and present them with your business ads again and again on various websites they visit after.

A working example: A new visitor came to your website from Google search, spent some time there browsing through your products or services and then left. They did not contact you during their first visit. The next day, they went to their Instagram account and your ads started to appear in their Instagram feed automatically.

They are likely to click on your ad and visit your website again to contact you during their second visit. Why? Because they are likely still looking for the kind of product or service you sell, so are highly targeted leads and therefore more likely to be converted into buyers.

Other important benefits of remarketing include: a much lower cost per click compared to search campaigns. Great for building your business brand equity (brand recognition and recall). Simply another reminder to get in touch when they need your service or product again in future. And great for promoting special offers to your existing clients.

How to implement a remarketing campaign.  The setup of a remarketing campaign requires both technical and marketing knowledge. We provide full service when it comes to remarketing campaign setup. We will discuss with you exactly what kind of audience you want to target (existing or new clients, their gender, location, age, behavior, etc).  A properly fine-tuned remarketing campaign minimizes unnecessary dollar spend and delivers highly targeted leads for your business.

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