If you advertise your business online using Google Ads, which used to be called Google Adwords, then I will give you some useful tips on how you can spend less money and get better results than your competitors.

My name is Max Shubin & I’ve been creating Google Ads accounts for the past 9 years and have come across hundreds of different businesses across many industries.

If you want your Google Ads to be profitable here are my 5 major tips.

So let’s begin with tip number #1

Select keywords that include your Service description Plus The Location.

The quality of your website visitors plays a huge role when it comes to the number of business enquiries you will receive. You can control the quality of your website visitors by choosing only highly specific keywords that you target inside Your campaign.

So when you start your campaign, avoid single keywords and try to start with keywords describing your services with an exact location at the end.

As an example something like: “house painter Sydney Inner West” or “painter Deception bay”. These keywords are very targeted and will in turn make sure you are receiving those enquiries that will more likely convert to sales.

Avoid single and general phrases terms like “painter” “painters” or even “house painter”
General phrases will consume your budget a lot, but the quality of your traffic will be very poor.

1. Limit the number of keywords you use in your campaign.

If you have a small budget (let’s say up to $50/day to spend on your Google ADS) don’t add 100s of keywords into your campaign. Instead focus on just 5 to 10 to start with. Make sure your Ad appears 100% of the time during the day for these selected keywords.

When using too many keywords with a small daily budget, it gets really hard to check what is actually working for you.

2. Track your results very carefully.

This is a huge issue when it comes to advertising online. I don’t know why, but the majority of the business owners don’t track their results carefully enough. If you don’t check which keywords are bringing you more customers, you cannot make any informative decisions about your budget allocation. The rule of thumb here Is to spend 10% of your marketing budget to setup a proper tracking of your results.

You have to know how many business enquiries you receive from each keyword you have in your Google Ads campaign. If somebody is running your Google Ads for you, please ask them to send you a report showing this information.

3. Make sure you use proper landing pages for your website visitors.

The landing page is the page on your website that the person who clicked on your Ad will go to.

Let’s say, if somebody searched for “external house painting Sydney” make sure they land on the page, which actually includes information about “EXTERNAL house painting.”

The more relevant information you provide to your website visitors, the more chances you have to convert them into your real customers.

4. Use a unique and attractive offer for your potential clients.

Our research shows that, when it comes to the service type businesses, the potential clients will open up to 3 to 4 different websites including your competitor’s sites and depending on what they see first or what offer stands out, will then base their decision of who to contact.

So if you want to attract more clients you should have something that makes you stand out from your competition.

If you want to learn how to create an offer your customers can’t refuse, then please watch my other specific video dedicated to this topic.

You can also download a FREE PDF checklist from our website which will help you to make sure your Google Ads account is running using these best practices.

Please let me know, if you want me to share more advanced tips on how to run your Google Ads account very efficiently.

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My name Is Max Shubin.

Have a great day!




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