WordPress In Simple Terms…

WordPress is a content management system. OK, Let me make it a bit more clear for you. Let’s say you want to have a website and you want to be able to easily add new pages, images, text articles and so on. WordPress is a platform for your website that will allow you to easily do that.

You will have a backend login where you will be able to change your website content easily. Add new pages, videos, images, change menus and so on.

Here are some major pros and cons of WordPress:


Benefits of using WordPress.

The installation process is very simple. It normally takes only 15 minutes to install a basic WordPress theme that you can start working with straight away.

You will be able to easily manage your website. Adding pictures, videos or any written content is really simple on WordPress. All you need is very basic computer skills, no programming skills required at all.

WordPress is a very popular platform. There are tons of how-to tutorials and videos available online to guide you.

WordPress is using so-called plug-ins to add new features to your website easily. For example, you can add shopping plugins, which give you the ability to sell products online; Or a ‘contact us’ form plugin which will enable you to save all your customer enquiries and access them online at any time. There are thousands of different plugins available for practically any task/goal you have in mind for your website.

Because WordPress is so popular, you can easily find a technical expert to help you if you get stuck with something. Oh, wait if you need an expert just call us now đŸ™‚

WordPress is constantly evolving to match with the current progress of website design and development. Updates are very simple and usually automatic.

One thing to be aware of.

However, because of its popularity, WordPress is constantly being targeted by hackers. To make sure your website is fully secured, you have to install only trusted plugins and update your WordPress version on a regular basis. This is not to discourage you from using WordPress, but to ensure you are using it safely.

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