7-layer website design approach will deliver a perfect website for your business.

Your website is a pivotal marketing tool for your business.  A poorly designed website can actually be detrimental to your business: from being badly ranked by search engines (and therefore not found by users searching online), to being rejected by users because your site is hard to navigate, loads slowly, looks dated or its content is poorly written, gives inadequate information or is not convincing.  In short, a poorly designed website can ruin your business as customers click off and find competitors with better-presented, better-constructed websites, and spend their money with them.

So think carefully when making decisions about web design to help your site stand out from the crowd, drawing in and guiding potential customers towards making that most important step: buying your products or services.

When you release a business site out into the big wide world of the Web, it’s a powerful opportunity to actively advocate, entice and ultimately, sell.  It must be your online salesperson. And it must function well! It’s therefore worth planning and constructing it properly, layer by layer.

To make it simple yet comprehensive, we came up with a 7-layer approach to website design which ensures nothing gets missed. Here is a brief overview of each layer we work on when we develop a new website for your business:

1st Layer  – Content Layer

This initial layer is responsible for your website’s written content.  Does the content deliver the right messages and meanings that are easy to understand for your customer?

2nd Layer – Visual Design

Design layer is responsible for the visual design and the visitors’ initial impression of your business. Remember, first impressions last!  The visuals add value to your written content and both work together to ensure your website looks great on all devices, is easy to navigate, modern and up-to-date.

3rd Layer – Conversion Layer

Conversion layer is responsible for all the elements and steps in support of your goals such as making a sale, receiving a call, providing a quote, prompting a visit to your store etc.  Conversion layer is responsible for things like calls to action, online forms and buttons to prompt your customers to interact with your business further and make it as easy as possible.

4th Layer – Analytics & Tracking

Analytics layer is responsible for tracking your website visitors so you know exactly which pages or content is most popular, where your customers are coming from and so on.

5th Layer – SEO (Search Engine Optimisation Layer)

SEO layer is responsible for your website to be search engine friendly (easy to crawl by search bots, fast and focused on specific keywords). In short, it works on your website visibility.

6th Layer – Security & Protection

Security layer is responsible for the security of your website against possible hacking attacks.

7th Layer – Your Domain Emails

This layer is responsible for the set up of all required email addresses for your business within your website domain.

Quality Control:

Each of the 7 layers comes with its own checklists, so when we design your new website, everything is checked and tested. We find this approach works extremely well and delivers amazing results for our customers every time.

How can Online Prospects help you build a successful new website?

If you want to get all the above elements of web design right to get your website off to the best start possible, Online Prospects are your web design experts.  Since 2010, we have been creating websites for Australian businesses which are engineered to attract customers.  We are highly competent in our web design skills and are communicative, accountable and transparent.

We can use our unique and thorough approach to not only build your website but to help make it a success.  Good design starts from strategy. We can guide you as we come up with the web design to best suit your needs, so you aren’t left guessing about what is needed.

Don’t know where to begin?

Let Online Prospects be your starting point for your brand new (or newly revised) website. Take advantage of our FREE initial consultation to get you on the right track.  We aim to give you a reliable, tailored website designed correctly to help you attract more customers than ever before. Call us from anywhere within Australia on (07) 3059 4032.  Let’s get started today!

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