How to make Google ads deliver you new customers, every single day without spending a fortune?

One of the world’s most widely used online advertising tools, Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) has helped millions of businesses reach new customers and grow their profits.

However, while Google advertising was meant to be simple and accessible to any of us, business owners, many found themselves disappointed by the results of their first campaign. Why? Because they haven’t properly optimized their Google Ads account.

There are a few stages when it comes to Google Ads campaign creation and management. And each stage involves several different elements. I will describe them below.

Your Google Ads account structure.

A proper set up of your Google Ads (Adwords) account will enable you to save money on clicks. Some things we consider during the setup process include: using the appropriate amount of keywords and ads per ad group and creating relevant ad group names.  This enables us to identify and track which ad groups are profitable for you, and which are not.

Managing Negative Keywords.

Tracking and adding the so-called ‘negative keywords’ on an ongoing basis is a vital, yet often overlooked activity. Doing this will greatly reduce the amount of money being wasted on irrelevant clicks. Quick example: If you are selling chairs online. Let’s say you added keyword “chairs online” to your advertising campaign. Google can show your ads for people who will search for “free chairs online” so it makes sense to add word “free” as a negative keyword to make sure your ads don’t appear for someone who wants free chairs.

Keywords List Optimisation.

Keywords list optimisation includes assessing your existing account keywords for “Quality Score” and “Conversions”.  The goal here is to make sure you are paying only for keywords that are bringing you, customers.

Ad Text Optimisation, Ad Extensions and A/B Split Testing.

Ad text optimisation includes adjusting your ads to include emotional triggers and creating proper ad extensions. This will increase your click-through-rate (CTR) which will, in turn, increase your keyword quality score, helping you avoid overpaying for qualified clicks.

Application of Automatic Bidders.

Automatic bidders are designed to keep your ads in the most prominent positions at the absolute minimal cost possible. This will help you save money on qualified clicks.

Locations, Audience & Time Targeting Adjustments.

We will thoroughly check the physical locations you are targeting to eliminate any costs associated with unwanted traffic from locations which you do not service. We also check and adjust the timing for when your ads are shown and bid accordingly at different times of the day. Audience check involves bid adjustments for different kinds of users such as mobile versus desktop users and bidding differently for these audiences. This will help you save money on unwanted clicks and reduce spend on qualified clicks.

Landing Pages Assessments.

We will assess all landing pages on your website to make sure these contain relevant content which corresponds with search terms used by your potential customers. This activity will increase the QS (quality score) of your keywords, which will help you reduce the cost per click from qualified prospects.

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